So I haven’t h…

So I haven’t had much to say that I haven’t felt the need to hide behind anonymity.


But now I have come up with something so controversial that I cannot reveal who I am when I say it:


Crunchy peanut butter is better than creamy peanut butter.

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I’m Not Sure Where This is Going

I was trapped in a 60 minute meeting today that went 90 minutes. The person in charge contradicted herself the entire last 45 minutes (she wasn’t at the meeting the first 45 minutes, so, you know, it was a good meeting.)

Hypocrisy makes me want to punch people. I’m non-confrontational by nature. This is hypocritical of me, isn’t it?

(Side note: Is there such a thing as “hypercritical”? Wouldn’t that be the opposite? How would you define the opposite of hypocritical? Now I’m pronouncing it “HYE-poe-critical,” instead of “HIP-po-critical.” Now these are medical terms?)

I could go on, but I’m bored with this topic already. I had a girl say “yes” to me buying her dinner next week, so I’m a bit scatter-brained right now.

Summary: I had a bad morning, but this afternoon has been GREAT! Yes, that’s all it takes to turn me giddy. I’m trying so hard to contain my excitement and hopes, since this kind of thing can still not work out well for any and all involved. But whatever. This is why I’m putting it here where I’m anonymous instead of to my friends.


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The TARDISI was one of those “Watched Dr. Who From Behind The Couch” kinda kids growing up, and I had no idea anyone else was watching (well, besides my parents.)

It was on really late-night Saturday night on my local PBS affiliate. I was certain that we were the only ones that watched it.

Then came W00tstock Minneapolis.

With that in mind, I present you with a gift: Make Your Own TARDIS.

You’re welcome. (I love the internet.)

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Crappy Video, Oustanding Audio

The video is bad, but you’ll see enough. Bobby McFerrin is one of my heroes, and these guys are just awesome.

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Links That I Find Interesting, Vol. 2: Art Week!

Because it was either this or another rant. I’m feeling creative, though, so I hearby deem it Art Week! (I could get used to this having dominion over something…)

Chris Samnee – Very talented artist who’s drawn comics for several publishers (including the new Serenity book coming out, if the sidebar is to be believed.) Also married to Laura, to whom he scribbles quick notes to (Grammar? meh.) in her lunches. Laura takes these notes and publishes them in her blog called, appropriately enough:

lunch notes – Cute and funny, and also guest stars their cat, a teddy bear, the bear’s pet kitten, and a little dinosaur with socks. And the few during the recent heat wave showed a pretty amusing (to me) descent into madness (moreso than a talking cat and a talking teddy bear that has its own talking kitten, and a little talking dinosaur that wears socks.)

Francesco Francavilla – As far as I know, Francesco doesn’t know Chris or Laura. He is, however, another comic book artist and storyboarder (for someone who has only bought maybe 3 comic books over the last 3 years, I’m apparently obsessed with comic book artists.) He’s currently finishing up Giant Robot Week, in which readers sent in suggestions to form a pool of giant robots from which he randomly chose a few to draw. I’m hoping for one of the Voltrons or a Transformer for the last one. It may be worth noting that he’s got a little “Suitable Only for Adults” badge on his top graphic, though I probably should have noted it before all the links.

Zero Lives – I don’t know if Das Chupa is a comic book artist or not, but he (she? Is “chupa” a feminine noun? Is it even Spanish?) creates some pretty unique videogame/comicbook-based… I guess fan art.

I’d love to get any and all links you’d be willing to share with me. Hope you like them! Any feedback and what you’d like to see in the future with these LTIFIs? Of course, I’ll have to find them Interesting to use them, but I’d love to get feedback.

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Our softball team lost on Friday. I talked to the girl from a few posts ago, and she said it wouldn’t work between us because she thinks I’m still hung up on my latest ex-girlfriend (whom I haven’t dated for a year and a damn half. It’s over, lady, for effing real!)

I spent the next couple of days in various stages of alcoholic stupor (not entirely unrelated,) although mostly not really too bad. Well, except for the one time I was supposed to, a housewarming party out of town where heavy drinking was encouraged. Of course, since we had to get back that night, that meant I was hungover by 9PM and had the worst night of sleep ever.

Oh yeah, THAT’S why I don’t drink a lot… heh. I’m a very fun drunk, and laugh a LOT when I’ve had a few, but I’ve been at the point where the hurting afterwards far outweighs the joy of during. Maybe I can be fun after only two beers next time?

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This is Why We’re Fat and Depressed

So I was browsing the web, trying to remember the name of the guiro (you know, the little wood instrument that looks like a fish?) and found this website. Kidz World!

And before I could do anything on the website (the guiro is the top picture on the page, by the way,) I had to sit through a giant ad for… McDonald’s! OMG THE LAST AIRBENDER TOYS ARE IN HAPPY MEALS WE HAVE TO GO MOOMMM!!

Other ads: Dragon Quest IX, with a “Choose the outfit for the super thin girlie character, most of which don’t have shirts,” and something called “Standing Ovation,” which looks like a High School Musical-kinda thing? Maybe? It features thin beautiful kids in various stages of attire, but mostly girls with really short dresses and tall socks (I’d call that a stripper outfit, myself.)

Have I become so old and crotchety (heh. “crotch”) that I’ve convinced myself that there’s a “You should feel bad about your body because you aren’t impossibly thin like these drawings and actors. Here, have a cheeseburger!” message on a self-described kids website, or does it actually exist here?

Or am I just getting myself upset over nothing?

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