Suits Win the Day

Located on the former footprint of Yankee Stadium, this 10 acre park will feature three natural grass athletic fields for baseball, softball, little league, discus, shot put, and the javelin.  The southern ball field will be oriented in the same manner as the field that existed in Yankee Stadium.

Heritage Field will also include, overlooks, pedestrian & sports lighting, a perimeter walking path, grass berms, bleachers, and on-grade bleachers so as to provide an array of seating options for families.  The new field-level comfort station will be constructed with a rain garden and play area adjacent to it. The latter will include water features and play equipment for children of all ages.

The pedestrian promenade along Ruppert Plaza will feature ample walking space, shade trees, and terraces with seating and landscaping.  The plaza allows provides space for a future outdoor vendor. A grand staircase, ramp, and landscaped hill shall connect this space to the adjacent rooftop facility.

Source (including picture): NYC Department of Parks & Recreation

They broke ground today.

Say what you will about the Yankees (I’m a Yankee hater, myself,) but this idea of making the old stadium site more than just a parking lot is pretty cool. Not to mention what they’re doing at other sites as well.

Of course, it would be better if the Yankees actually footed the bill for this stuff, since it was their idea to destroy the parkland to build the new stadium (see, I gotta rain on the parade at least a little!)


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