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Crappy Video, Oustanding Audio

The video is bad, but you’ll see enough. Bobby McFerrin is one of my heroes, and these guys are just awesome.

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Links That I Find Interesting, Vol. 2: Art Week!

Because it was either this or another rant. I’m feeling creative, though, so I hearby deem it Art Week! (I could get used to this having dominion over something…) Chris Samnee – Very talented artist who’s drawn comics for several … Continue reading

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Our softball team lost on Friday. I talked to the girl from a few posts ago, and she said it wouldn’t work between us because she thinks I’m still hung up on my latest ex-girlfriend (whom I haven’t dated for … Continue reading

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This is Why We’re Fat and Depressed

So I was browsing the web, trying to remember the name of the guiro (you know, the little wood instrument that looks like a fish?) and found this website. Kidz World! And before I could do anything on the website … Continue reading

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I’ve been AFK

Sorry, folks. I’ve been working on an awesome project, and have been away from WordPress. Back tomorrow. As an apology, have a picture that symbolizes my relationship with my brother growing up.

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Why Do People Make Things So Complicated?

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Indoors or Outdoors? Why choose?

So I’m sitting here in front of my computer, sore as hell from tennis last night (Monday.) I have basketball tonight, tennis tomorrow night, golf on Thursday evening, and softball Friday after work. I’m doing a lot of running around … Continue reading

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