Yes, but what about games?

Current Videogame Obsession: Crackdown 2. More of the same as Crackdown 1. This is a good thing.

Current Boardgame Obsession: Pandemic. Friggin’ Epidemic Cards. I’m thinking of manually choosing roles instead of them being randomly assigned. I suppose that would make each game uniform, but it’d be worth a couple of times through to see if that’s the case. Talk about a game that’s stacked against the players.

Yes, but what do you feel about the whole Roger Ebert “videogames can never be art” thing?: I don’t agree with him that they can never be art, but I’m not convinced that they’re there yet. If I could talk with him, I would ask him if all books/paintings/movies/songs are art, or if it’s just the really good ones, and would it be even slightly possible for even one videogame to approach that level of artistic direction. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter what his opinion is, just like it doesn’t matter what my opinion is.


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