Indoors or Outdoors? Why choose?

So I’m sitting here in front of my computer, sore as hell from tennis last night (Monday.) I have basketball tonight, tennis tomorrow night, golf on Thursday evening, and softball Friday after work.

I’m doing a lot of running around this summer. And I love it.

I’ve not always been like this. In fact, I still considered myself pretty sedentary indoor-activity-focused, even as recently as Spring.

The thing is, I’m a pretty big geek, as if you couldn’t tell. I love videogames, boardgames, surfing the web, watching TV, etc. But I’ve always had a thing for playing sports. When I was little, my parents never let me have a videogame system (back when it was only Atari or NES,) so I pretty much had to go outside, to stave off the boredom and the “Well, if you’re so bored, why don’t you clean your room?”s from Mom (love ya, Mom!)

I’d end up playing any and all sports with the kids on my street. Baseball, basketball, soccer, football, you name it. I was one of the better ones, so I had lots of positive reinforcement going on (although really, I was only one of the better ones because I was one of the bigger/older ones.)

Over time, my intense shyness caught up with my homelife (whereas it had already flourished in school and talking to adults,) and I withdrew into myself. I had been taking piano lessons for forever, so I would spend my time playing the piano, watching TV, boardgames and, yes, videogames. I eventually saved up enough money for my own NES, thankyouverymuch, and so would be constantly saving princesses and playing soccer and baseball electronically, instead of in real life (the sports part. I never saved any princesses in real life, dammit.)

Am I sad this happened? Only in that I never hung out with my peers in the neighborhood anymore. These were some awesome kids that if I’ve heard correctly have turned into some awesome adults. But I truly grew to enjoy playing games inside as much as I enjoyed playing games outside.

Eventually, my circle of friends changed, and now I have a lot of good friends that love videogames and boardgames as much as I do.

But lately, I’ve fallen in with coworkers that would rather go outside. And as a result: tennis and golf and basketball and softball.

I now have friends I can go out and play with, as well as friends I can stay in and play with.

I would highly recommend you do the same. Having both is awesome.

And if you can’t find anyone for whichever one you need, well, what are you doing Saturday?


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