This is Why We’re Fat and Depressed

So I was browsing the web, trying to remember the name of the guiro (you know, the little wood instrument that looks like a fish?) and found this website. Kidz World!

And before I could do anything on the website (the guiro is the top picture on the page, by the way,) I had to sit through a giant ad for… McDonald’s! OMG THE LAST AIRBENDER TOYS ARE IN HAPPY MEALS WE HAVE TO GO MOOMMM!!

Other ads: Dragon Quest IX, with a “Choose the outfit for the super thin girlie character, most of which don’t have shirts,” and something called “Standing Ovation,” which looks like a High School Musical-kinda thing? Maybe? It features thin beautiful kids in various stages of attire, but mostly girls with really short dresses and tall socks (I’d call that a stripper outfit, myself.)

Have I become so old and crotchety (heh. “crotch”) that I’ve convinced myself that there’s a “You should feel bad about your body because you aren’t impossibly thin like these drawings and actors. Here, have a cheeseburger!” message on a self-described kids website, or does it actually exist here?

Or am I just getting myself upset over nothing?


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