Our softball team lost on Friday. I talked to the girl from a few posts ago, and she said it wouldn’t work between us because she thinks I’m still hung up on my latest ex-girlfriend (whom I haven’t dated for a year and a damn half. It’s over, lady, for effing real!)

I spent the next couple of days in various stages of alcoholic stupor (not entirely unrelated,) although mostly not really too bad. Well, except for the one time I was supposed to, a housewarming party out of town where heavy drinking was encouraged. Of course, since we had to get back that night, that meant I was hungover by 9PM and had the worst night of sleep ever.

Oh yeah, THAT’S why I don’t drink a lot… heh. I’m a very fun drunk, and laugh a LOT when I’ve had a few, but I’ve been at the point where the hurting afterwards far outweighs the joy of during. Maybe I can be fun after only two beers next time?


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