Links That I Find Interesting, Vol. 2: Art Week!

Because it was either this or another rant. I’m feeling creative, though, so I hearby deem it Art Week! (I could get used to this having dominion over something…)

Chris Samnee – Very talented artist who’s drawn comics for several publishers (including the new Serenity book coming out, if the sidebar is to be believed.) Also married to Laura, to whom he scribbles quick notes to (Grammar? meh.) in her lunches. Laura takes these notes and publishes them in her blog called, appropriately enough:

lunch notes – Cute and funny, and also guest stars their cat, a teddy bear, the bear’s pet kitten, and a little dinosaur with socks. And the few during the recent heat wave showed a pretty amusing (to me) descent into madness (moreso than a talking cat and a talking teddy bear that has its own talking kitten, and a little talking dinosaur that wears socks.)

Francesco Francavilla – As far as I know, Francesco doesn’t know Chris or Laura. He is, however, another comic book artist and storyboarder (for someone who has only bought maybe 3 comic books over the last 3 years, I’m apparently obsessed with comic book artists.) He’s currently finishing up Giant Robot Week, in which readers sent in suggestions to form a pool of giant robots from which he randomly chose a few to draw. I’m hoping for one of the Voltrons or a Transformer for the last one. It may be worth noting that he’s got a little “Suitable Only for Adults” badge on his top graphic, though I probably should have noted it before all the links.

Zero Lives – I don’t know if Das Chupa is a comic book artist or not, but he (she? Is “chupa” a feminine noun? Is it even Spanish?) creates some pretty unique videogame/comicbook-based… I guess fan art.

I’d love to get any and all links you’d be willing to share with me. Hope you like them! Any feedback and what you’d like to see in the future with these LTIFIs? Of course, I’ll have to find them Interesting to use them, but I’d love to get feedback.


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