I’m Not Sure Where This is Going

I was trapped in a 60 minute meeting today that went 90 minutes. The person in charge contradicted herself the entire last 45 minutes (she wasn’t at the meeting the first 45 minutes, so, you know, it was a good meeting.)

Hypocrisy makes me want to punch people. I’m non-confrontational by nature. This is hypocritical of me, isn’t it?

(Side note: Is there such a thing as “hypercritical”? Wouldn’t that be the opposite? How would you define the opposite of hypocritical? Now I’m pronouncing it “HYE-poe-critical,” instead of “HIP-po-critical.” Now these are medical terms?)

I could go on, but I’m bored with this topic already. I had a girl say “yes” to me buying her dinner next week, so I’m a bit scatter-brained right now.

Summary: I had a bad morning, but this afternoon has been GREAT! Yes, that’s all it takes to turn me giddy. I’m trying so hard to contain my excitement and hopes, since this kind of thing can still not work out well for any and all involved. But whatever. This is why I’m putting it here where I’m anonymous instead of to my friends.



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