Who are you?

I am a for-now-anyway anonymous blogger in his early 30s. I sometimes have stuff to say about people I know that I might not want them to know I think about the people I kno…hmm. I want to say stuff that’s on my mind without offending people I know. Yeah, that’s better. Not that I’m going to be bad-talking my friends all the time. After all, they’re my FRIENDS.

I just want a place to express myself without a potential having-to-explain-myself moment.

What I’m comfortable saying right now is that I’m male, in my early 30s, and live in the northern part of the United States. See this space for further developments as I stop caring who might figure out who I am (don’t hold your breath.) Nothing personal, I promise!

Where did “Certifiable Butterfly” come from?

I was walking into work when I was accosted by a butterfly zooming around. It was practically frantic as it zoomed around me and between the cars in the lot. Fastest butterfly I ever saw. I thought “that butterfly is practically certifiable,” and “‘Certifiable Butterfly’ is a great name for a band. Or maybe a blog!”

Et voila.

Plus I get to have the username “certbutt.” How awesome is that?

Where did you get the banner picture?

I got it from istockphoto.com. Even paid for it! I know!


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