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So I haven’t h…

So I haven’t had much to say that I haven’t felt the need to hide behind anonymity.   But now I have come up with something so controversial that I cannot reveal who I am when I say it:   … Continue reading

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I’m Not Sure Where This is Going

I was trapped in a 60 minute meeting today that went 90 minutes. The person in charge contradicted herself the entire last 45 minutes (she wasn’t at the meeting the first 45 minutes, so, you know, it was a good … Continue reading

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I was one of those “Watched Dr. Who From Behind The Couch” kinda kids growing up, and I had no idea anyone else was watching (well, besides my parents.) It was on really late-night Saturday night on my local PBS … Continue reading

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Crappy Video, Oustanding Audio

The video is bad, but you’ll see enough. Bobby McFerrin is one of my heroes, and these guys are just awesome.

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Links That I Find Interesting, Vol. 2: Art Week!

Because it was either this or another rant. I’m feeling creative, though, so I hearby deem it Art Week! (I could get used to this having dominion over something…) Chris Samnee – Very talented artist who’s drawn comics for several … Continue reading

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Our softball team lost on Friday. I talked to the girl from a few posts ago, and she said it wouldn’t work between us because she thinks I’m still hung up on my latest ex-girlfriend (whom I haven’t dated for … Continue reading

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This is Why We’re Fat and Depressed

So I was browsing the web, trying to remember the name of the guiro (you know, the little wood instrument that looks like a fish?) and found this website. Kidz World! And before I could do anything on the website … Continue reading

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